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Yoga with Balance - Class Types

Gentle Yoga (60 minutes)

New to yoga? Feeling intimidated by the idea of starting yoga? Have particular challenges that may limit you, or just want a refresher on the essentials?


Gentle Yoga classes are designed to break down each movement, and ensure we're starting from a stable and functional base. Classes are designed to teach the basics of Hatha-style yoga - creating a strong, safe foundation to explore your practice from.


Tuesdays 10am (Jessica)  | Thursdays 7pm (Theresa)

Yin/Yang - Unwind (60 minutes)

Our Unwind class is a blended class, beginning with all-levels Hatha yoga, & finishing with slower-paced yin poses.


Hatha Yoga combines all the numerous benefits of yoga, from physical (like increased strength, stability, and flexibility), to mental (increased sense of relaxation, calm, and mental clarity, among many others), & so many more. Yin yoga poses are held for a longer period of time, allowing a more complete release.


This class is well suited for beginners, & anyone looking to help manage stress, or simply relax & unwind at the end of the day.


Mondays 6pm  (Theresa)